About us

Our Story

Odyssey was born out of the desire of bringing the joy of Greek summer to every one of your steps, wherever you may be. Fitting to every style, each pair of sandals is designed to be the perfect companion for your adventures in the city and on your holidays. As you journey on, you can look forward to stylish days, freeing moments and exciting stories that will make up your own Odyssey.

Our Products

Conceived in Switzerland and carefully handcrafted in Greece, Odyssey sandals are made by expert artisans using local techniques perfected in their small family factory. Inspired by their art, motivated by their passion and equipped with their mastery, our craftsmen understand the importance of every single detail. The result… is a unique flair you’ll discover with every single step.  

Eco-friendly Packaging 

Our packaging box is made from a minimum of 90% recycled material and fully recyclable. Printed with water-based ink and ready to be used again. An environmentally conscious choice that emphasizes our brand’s commitment to the environment.

Our Founder

Curious to try everything life has to offer, Elena is always on the lookout for her next idea. Inspired by her own needs for stylish and playful summer footwear, she decided to create a brand that outlives fast trends and enables women to effortlessly express their authentic style. And what better place to look to than her home country, Greece, known for sandals that are timeless in their quality and design.

If you share the same passion or feel like sharing any inspiration, ideas or just your thoughts, feel free to reach out.